Why Organic Cotton Materials

We use Certified Organic Cotton to create our bags. These are grown on organic farms by farmers who care just as much about our environment as we do.

Each day, we are becoming more and more knowledgeable on topics related to health, the environment, and sustainability through responsible manufacturing processes. We are starting to care more about the products we shop for. At Think4Earth, we are right there with you.

We understand how important it is to protect our natural resources. As a responsible company that wants you to feel good about the products you purchase.

Cotton is one of the most widely 
grown crops on this planet.

The vast majority of commercially grown cotton is grown using conventional agriculture methods. These methods are quickly becoming outdated as they are inherently bad for the environment due to the use of harmful, if not highly toxic, chemicals that are known to cause cancer among many other illnesses.

Use of chemicals in agriculture, especially pesticides and herbicides, is not only bad for us, it is very harmful to the soil, atmosphere and ground water, thus affecting the whole environment.

The Benefits of Using Cotton

There are countless positive effects to using cotton versus other materials like the use of natural farming, harvesting, and dyeing methods to ensure quality. It is also a low-impact fiber-reactive material that works well with printing.
Using cotton also ensures fair trade is in place to ensure a safe and healthy environment for workers to be paid with a liveable wage. It's a positive way to help the planet and ensure a high-quality product.

Good for the planet.

Making the world a cleaner place is what we’re all about. Help us make a difference by limiting the number of single-use bags you toss away. What are the key features of our recycled PET bottles materials bags?


Made with recycled materials that produce 50% less CO2


Keep your food fresh with our water resistant lining

High Quality

Our bags are soft to the touch and lightweight to use

For Everyday Use

Our bags are foldable and portable to carry around

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