Why rPET Materials

By purchasing products made with rPET, we are
helping provide a market for recycled plastics.

This is sending a message to companies that we value their sustainability efforts and help solidify recycling programs. Think4Earth develops quality products using recycled materials or organic materials in an effort to reduce single use plastic bags and supports companies by using their recycling materials.

rPET (Recycled Polyethylene) material – is made from recycled thermo plastic polymer. The PET used to reproduce the fabric of the bag is coming from 80% post consumer goods, especially water and beverage bottles.

rPET woven bags are stronger, more flexible, retain their shape, and easy to care for.

Where as Non-woven (PPWN) bags are not as strong as woven bags because of how the fabric is manufactured using mechanical, chemical or heating processes. It won’t stand up to machine washing and is much cheaper to produce.

Easier Than Ever

There are a wide range of items now being made out of rPET materials today ranging from clothing, backpacks, shopping bags and produce bags all providing a home for recycled bottles.

Let’s conserve our energy for better things.

rPET is 100% recyclable and made from single-use plastic materials. It's time to make a home for these products in your home or in your work place. What are the key features of our recycled PET bottles materials bags?


Made with recycled materials that produce 50% less CO2


Keep your food fresh with our water resistant lining

High Quality

Our bags are soft to the touch and lightweight to use

For Everyday Use

Our bags are foldable and portable to carry around

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