The Think4Earth Story

Why we believe in our advocacy to #savetheplanet

Our vision in setting up Think4Earth is to promote a platform for the use of recycled products and in turn advance the elimination and use of one off use plastic products.

We want people to become Earth Worriers and take ownership of how they are impacting the planet and make changes in their every day life to reduce the affects they have on the environment.

We all get out of bed in the morning and start making choices on how our day will progress. We are in control, but what we are asking, is what choices are you making each day to reduce the impact of single use plastic items?


  • What bags are we using when shopping?
  • What sort of cups are we using when out and about?
  • How do we carry our water and drinks?
  • How do we pack our lunches or how are they packaged?

These simple choices we make can have a collective major impact.

Our voices and actions can make changes on how retailers package and distribute their products.

Many countries have started banning the single use plastic bags and have provided legislation to stop their use. Now we need to focus on how we can reduce the use of single use plastic bottles.

Every where we look they are in use. Mainly for water and drink products. We want to promote viable options to reduce their use and provide support to manufactures utilizing recycled materials in an effort to finding a home for their products and in turn reducing the amount of one off use plastic items being placed in land fill.

We'll make the switch easy and sustainable. Let's choose to make the world a cleaner, better place for everyone to help #savetheplanet.