The Think4Earth Story

Our mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation for the future
of our planet and its people. Here’s how we’re doing it.

Being an "earth warrior” starts with taking accountability for your actions and consciously choosing to reduce your environmental footprint.

When we get out of bed in the morning, we are in control of our day. Think about your consumption habits and ask yourself: How do I carry my drink? How do I pack my lunch? How are my takeaways prepared?

Every day, we pay the real price of cheap packaging: mass production slowly destroys the environment. Responsible businesses tend to be more expensive for a number of reasons, such as paying their workers a living wage and using higher-quality ingredients or eco-friendly bread bags.

When you buy from bakeries that put a premium on quality and sustainability, you help fund their mission. They can keep making the right choices like you.

A Letter from the Founder

Our voices and actions can change how retailers package and distribute their products.

Single-use plastic bags have been banned all over the world, and for good reason. Everyone has grown to love reusable shopping bags and is eager to live more sustainably. The logical next step is to eliminate plastic bottle waste.

Plastic bottles are everywhere. What was meant to hold valuable water to quench people's thirst sometimes ends up back in the ocean or in landfills. Since 2019, our team has been busy brainstorming ways to minimize their use and allow manufacturers that recycle materials to give plastic a second life.

Our 100,000 bread bag users believe in our product, and we know it’s just the start of something bigger. Our ultimate goal is to get our bread bags into every bakery and every home. Through our wholesale program, we turn good bakeries into the best and empower you to make better decisions. By providing eco-friendly packaging for your daily bread, we help you #savetheplanet every single day.

We hope you’ll join us as Think4Earth continues growing and fostering change in our world. Together, we can create the sustainable future we want to see.

Dominic Elliott