Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is our mission statement?

Our mission at Think4Earth is to help make the world a cleaner place by introducing eco-friendly, sustainable, and easy to use alternatives made for daily use. Help us make a difference by making the switch and limiting the number of single-use bags you toss away. Not only are our products made to last, they're also recyclable and sustainable, and vegan-friendly.

2. Why rPET material?

rPET woven bags are stronger, more flexible, retain their shape better, and easy to care for. We chose this material because it is made from recycled thermo plastic polymer that make our bags 100% recyclable and made from single-use plastic materials. It's time to make a home for these products in your home or in your work place.

3. Why Organic Cotton material?

Cotton is one of the most widely used materials in the world, so it was an easy choice to utilize this for our products. There are countless positive effects to using cotton versus other materials like the use of natural farming, harvesting, and dyeing methods to it also being a low-impact fiber-reactive material that works well with for daily use.