What We Are Made Of

We use OCS-certified organic cotton, recycled rPET, and vegan-friendly processes. For every bread bag sold, we take one step closer to a healthier environment.

Did you know?

Think4Earth has sold over 50,000 bread bags, which could equal up to 100,000 single-use plastic bags being saved from the environment every week.

Nearly 11 million Australians purchase bread weekly…

According to the 2016 Roy Morgan research, Australians spend an average of $8.20 per purchase. While most shopped at supermarkets or chain stores, about 2.8 million of them bought from a bakery.

As consumers become more conscious, businesses must show they care about people and the planet, not just profit.

…and we can help you make an impact.

Every day, research and our responsible manufacturing processes help us learn more about sustainability. Making your shopping experience easier while contributing to a better world is what we’re all about.
When you or your favourite bakery buys our cotton and rPET-made bread bags, we #savetheplanet.


Made with recycled materials that produce 50% less CO2

Water Resistant

Keep your food fresh with our water resistant lining

High Quality

Our bags are soft to the touch and lightweight to use

For Everyday Use

Our bags are foldable and portable to carry around

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