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Store your favorite loaves, bagels, croissants and more in a convenient bag that ensures long-lasting freshness in the freezer - all without any unnecessary, single-use plastic or paper bags.

● Materials: rPET (recycled plastic drink bottles)
● Size: 16.9” x 12.2” inches
● Color: Dark Blue Exterior, Orange Interior
● Also Available as a Baguette Bag, or a Bread Bag and Baguette Bag Combo

At Think4Earth, we are passionate about finding solutions that reduce the waste of single-use plastic items. We offer a 12-month warranty to make sure you love our reusable bread bags!

Locks in Freshness

Made with recycled materials that seal in quality

Food Safe

Perfect for any and all kinds of fresh produce

No Freezer Burn

No need to worry, our bags are made to be air-tight

BPA Free

Our products are free of any harmful BPA

Designed With People In Mind

Most entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible to go green. If you sell cheap bread bags or none at all, your customers will start to wonder if you’re in it just for the dough.
Give them an experience that makes them feel good, from buying an eco-friendly bag to taking bread home and savouring it fresh with their family.

A Creative Solution to the Plastic Problem

For every bread bag sold, up to 12 plastic bottles are saved. BPA-free, food-safe, and vegan-friendly, they are designed for just about everyone, even the most discerning.

Turn your customers into ambassadors by giving them tangible proof you care about your products, as well as the planet and its people.

Your Homegrown Partner Toward Better Business

Since 2020, we've sold our bread bags all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Our dream is to be in every bakery and every home, and we can help make yours come true, too.

Grow your business by pairing your baked goods with a local product that’s just as good.

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